How to Save Money on Marketing

Save Money on Marketing

There are two types of people who own small businesses:

  • Type number one believes they do not need marketing, and business will naturally come to them… the universe will see to it.
  • Type number two budgets money to spend on marketing every month and looks for the best ROI for their money.

The type number ones can leave now, as this article is not for them, nor is anything I write. For the type number twos, let’s get down and dirty on how to save money on marketing. First off, do your research on marketing firms. I like a consultant based out of Tennessee called Adrian Clark. You can find a firm that suits your needs near you on Google.

What to look for in a digital marketing firm

Most quality marketing firms offer most if not all services required for effective online marketing. Here is a list of services a firm should offer, and things to look for with each service:

Web Design

Any digital marketing agency should offer web design. After all, it is the home plate for leads. You capture them through some form of ad, send them back to your website, and a good website will convert the traffic.

Pay Per Click

No marketing campaign is complete without PPC ads. From Google AdWords to Facebook to Instagram, PPC is an effective way to bring in traffic. Since you choose terms to show up for and only pay when someone clicks on your website, it is a very effective tool for creating a  high ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

This one is a hit or miss with an agency, but you can find independent SEOs to go with. With search engine optimization your website ranks on Google naturally. It has the same effect as PPC, but you don’t pay for traffic, instead you get it naturally from a high ranking.

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